Simple Serverless programming with Google Cloud Functions and Pulumi

Posted by Cyrus Najmabadi on Apr 10, 2019 10:43:20 AM

Pulumi lets you create, deploy, and manage Google Cloud applications and infrastructure in familiar languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python, and without needing to learn new DSLs or YAML templating solutions. This means great productivity and getting to use tools you already know and love. Since serverless is all about focusing more on your application code, and less on infrastructure and configuration toil, we absolutely love Google Functions.

The Simplest Way to Serverlesss

In fact, serverless has never been simpler than it is when you combine Pulumi with Google Cloud Functions. Want to serve a simple HTTP API with no fixed costs? It’s just a few lines of code -- and no, we're not hiding any YAML here:

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Pulumi ❤️ Google Cloud Platform

Posted by Luke Hoban on Apr 9, 2019 6:47:17 AM
Google Cloud is one of the most exciting cloud platforms available today, with a breadth of powerful infrastructure services from Google Container Engine (GKE) and Google Cloud Functions to Cloud Firestore and Cloud Spanner.

Pulumi is the most productive tooling available today for teams building cloud applications and infrastructure, in your favorite languages. Add them together, and teams can easily take maximum advantage of Google Cloud Platform's rich features, productively, with a combined platform that makes it easy to collaborate, share, and reuse.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the top features of Pulumi that make it a joy to work with Pulumi + Google Cloud.

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