Pulumi at SF Kubernetes Meetup

Posted by Alex Clemmer
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Next Thursday (January 17), we'll be presenting at the SF Kubernetes meetup, alongside Pulumi's friends at Gravitational!

We'll be giving a live-demo-driven talk showcasing our favorite examples of how the Pulumi SDK helps to make Kubernetes application updates reliable, reproducible, and understandable.

In this talk we'll show some of our favorite examples of how Kubernetes applications can benefit from Pulumi's unified infrastructure-as-code model for cloud resources — allowing us, for example, to declare a managed database (e.g., DynamoDB, Cloud SQL, or Cosmos DB), and populate a Kubernetes Secret with the connection string that results when it's fully initialized.


Oh, and if you'd like an exclusive Pulumi beanie to help you through the winter months, I'll definitely be able to help with that. If you are afraid of receiving free clothes, you might want to skip this talk.

Topics: Kubernetes

Posted on Jan 10, 2019 11:17:27 AM