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Pulumi: A Better Way to Kubernetes

Posted by Levi Blackstone on May 21, 2019 12:36:54 AM

Kubernetes is a powerful container orchestrator that is being adopted rapidly across the industry. At the same time, it is notoriously complex and presents a steep learning curve for newcomers. Nobody likes programming in YAML, and templates make it even harder. It’s difficult to understand the state of the cluster – Did my deployment succeed? Why isn’t my app working? And we often need to manage hosted cloud resources in addition to Kubernetes ones.

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Improving Kubernetes Management with Pulumi's Await Logic

Posted by Levi Blackstone on Mar 5, 2019 3:02:25 PM

Pulumi enables customers to create, deploy, and manage modern applications and infrastructure in their preferred cloud environment using general purpose languages such as Javascript, Typescript and Python. For many businesses today, the use of modern technology is associated with Kubernetes, tools (command line or domain specific tools) to bring-up Kubernetes and a large pile of raw YAML files to deploy Kubernetes resources with.

Pulumi's ready to use, language specific Kubernetes packages allow you to trade in the grab bag of tools and YAML files in exchange for the full expressive power of a general purpose language. In this blog post, we discuss "await logic", which allows users to have better visibility into the state of Kubernetes resources as they are being deployed or created.

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Topics: Kubernetes