Serverless on AWS with Pulumi: simple, event-based functions

Posted by Cyrus Najmabadi on Jan 14, 2019 9:43:49 AM

One of Pulumi’s goals is to provide the simplest way possible to do serverless programming on AWS by enabling you to create cloud infrastructure with the real programming languages that you are already using today. We believe that the existing constructs already present in these languages, like flow control, inheritance, composition, and so on, provide the right abstractions to effectively build up infrastructure in a simple and familiar way.

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Topics: AWS, JavaScript, Serverless

Pulumi at SF Kubernetes Meetup

Posted by Alex Clemmer on Jan 10, 2019 11:17:27 AM

Next Thursday (January 17), we'll be presenting at the SF Kubernetes meetup, alongside Pulumi's friends at Gravitational!

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Topics: Kubernetes

Upcoming AWS + Pulumi Webinar on Feb 5

Posted by Erin Xue on Jan 9, 2019 11:55:15 AM

Pulumi is hosting a webinar with AWS Fargate on February 5th, 10AM PST (register here). We’ll be chatting about how to implement cloud native infrastructure across your organization using AWS and Pulumi: general purpose programming languages to deliver everything from VMs to Kubernetes to Serverless.

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Topics: AWS, CICD, Cloud Native Infrastructure

2018 Year at a Glance

Posted by Joe Duffy on Dec 31, 2018 6:00:00 AM
As we close out 2018, and enter into a New Year, I was reflecting on our progress here at Pulumi this past year and wanted to share some thoughts. It’s been an incredible year and we are hugely thankful to our passionate community, customers, and partners.

Here are some of the exciting things that happened:

Launching our open source community. After being hard at work for a little over a year, we launched our open source project, with the aim of making it considerably easier and more enjoyable to create and operate cloud software. This was a major moment for us. We had previously only shown Pulumi to a few select friends, family, and private beta users, and the reception was beyond our wildest expectations. We got passionate +1’s from cloud engineers of all roles and responsibilities -- developers, infrastructure engineers, operators, and managers alike. The Pulumi community has since grown to thousands of users across hundreds of companies of all sizes spread across the globe. The community is now a warm, welcoming, and collaborative place with significant open source contributions and passionate community leaders emerging who are helping one another while also helping us to make Pulumi even better.

Support for major public, private, and hybrid clouds. We launched with support for the three major public clouds, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and have since added capabilities across all of them, including adding serverless, containers, and infrastructure productivity libraries -- it is here where we believe Pulumi’s unique approach of using general purpose languages truly shines. We immediately had a wave of inbound interest in applying the Pulumi approach to infrastructure as code in other areas, and quickly added other providers including OpenStack, VMWare vSphere, Alibaba Cloud, F5 BigIP, and more. In September, we unveiled a native Kubernetes provider with support for the entire API surface area across all versions, plus an operations tool, KubeSpy -- both of which continue to lead to significant community growth. Many customers are loving that they can achieve a consistent engineering workflow across multi-cloud environments -- often spanning public, private, and/or hybrid clouds.

Launching our commercial SaaS product. In October, we launched our commercial SaaS product, with reasonable pricing so that teams of all sizes are able to get their code to the cloud productively, securely, and collaboratively. If Pulumi is like Git -- a local CLI and SDK -- then the Pulumi SaaS is like GitHub -- a hosted service to ensure you can use Pulumi in a team setting. In addition to the Team Edition, which is meant for the “Fortune 500,000,” we also launched the Enterprise Edition, for the Fortune 500. We already have multiple Fortune 500 customers moving into production with Pulumi, and expect this to be a significant area of future growth. Since launching, we’ve added support for more identity providers -- including GitHub, GitLab, and SSO/SAML (for Okta, ADFs, and others) -- as well as team management capabilities, such as RBAC, our GitHub App, GitHub Actions partnership, and more.

Closing our Series A funding. Also in October, we secured $15MM in additional funds, which will enable us to scale to meet the incredible opportunity in front of us. The funds will ensure that our open source projects are constantly improving and achieving production quality; that our commercial product can meet the most rigorous business requirements, small or large; and that we can grow our organization in areas necessary to meet our customers’ needs. When we set out to make it 10x easier for teams to do cloud engineering, we saw many facets in need of attention, and these funds will help us take concrete steps towards realizing the vision.

What an incredible year! It can still hardly believe it’s been just six months since launching.

As we look to 2019, we plan to continue engaging with and growing our open source community, built on the same tenets of openness and collaboration -- the best part of my job. We have heard loud and clear that what customers need today are solutions, not just raw technologies, and we will continue to deliver commercial value in our Team and Enterprise Edition SaaS products that cloud engineering easier, more secure, and more collaborative.

We are just getting started and we can’t wait to continue on the journey of reimagining cloud engineering together. Thank you for your passionate support -- and here’s to a wonderful 2019!

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Connecting multiple identities to Pulumi

Posted by Praneet Loke on Dec 14, 2018 9:03:25 AM

Hot on the heels of our GitLab sign-in support, we've just released support for multiple identities for a single Pulumi account in the Pulumi Cloud Console. Previously, you could only sign-up for a new Pulumi account using a GitHub or GitLab identity. Starting today, you can connect your Pulumi account with additional identities, beyond what you first signed-up with.

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Topics: CICD

Delivering Cloud Native Infrastructure as Code, a Pulumi white paper

Posted by Marc Holmes on Dec 5, 2018 9:03:27 AM

Enterprise software has undergone a slow shift from containerless servers to serverless containers.

The evolution of the cloud, combined with the shift to increasingly ephemeral infrastructure, and the connection of application code and infrastructure code, demands a different view of cloud development and devops.

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Topics: Cloud Native Infrastructure

Welcoming GitLab users to Pulumi

Posted by Praneet Loke on Dec 3, 2018 2:17:22 PM

We are very pleased to announce that Pulumi now supports signing-in with your GitLab account. Don’t have an account on GitLab yet? Head on over to and sign-up for an account.

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Topics: CICD

Pulumi + Epsagon: Define, Deploy and Monitor Serverless Applications

Posted by Luke Hoban on Nov 29, 2018 11:32:14 AM

Pulumi makes it incredibly easy to use serverless functions within your cloud infrastructure and applications - an AWS Lambda is as simple as writing a JavaScript lambda!

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Topics: Serverless

Meet the Pulumi team at AWS re:Invent

Posted by Marc Holmes on Nov 15, 2018 11:31:13 AM

Heading to AWS re:Invent? Concerned about how you'll manage to get that much YAML into your carry on bag? Or maybe you just like purple.

Whatever the reason, the Pulumi team will be there all week at Booth 316, Startup Central, Aria Quad, and we'd love to chat with you about AWS and Pulumi.

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Topics: Pulumi News

Reusable CI/CD components with CircleCI Orbs for Pulumi

Posted by Chris Smith on Nov 7, 2018 9:12:42 AM

This morning CircleCI announced the launch of CircleCI Orbs which enable you to create reusable components for CircleCI workflows. Orbs enable you to simplify your CI/CD configuration by reusing existing orb jobs or commands, in much the same way Pulumi enables you to simplify the delivery of your cloud native infrastructure by sharing and reusing existing components.

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